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Laura Lopez Rodriguez, LMT

From: Carl H
Date: 9/20/2019 10:24:18 AM
"I had surgery and decided to do a massage/treatment with Laura and she did a great job. Her focus on healing and wellness was very beneficial to my progress. Laura made me feel comfortable and I highly recommend her."

From: Tori Hawkins
Date: 9/6/2019 6:08:01 PM
"So I had a detox facial/lymphatic drainage massage from Laura. It was fantastic. For over five years I have struggled with cystic acne and with lymph node swelling under my chin. Laura brought me in and soothed both issues. She used gentle, clean products to detox my skin and heal the current acne spots on my face, as well as dry up some acne scabs that clung to my skin. She then massaged my lymph nodes and they are noticeably less swollen. The overall experience was great, and the best part is that she detailed a simple regimen for me to ensure my skin continues to feel as good as it does now! Would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone who not only wants a fantastic massage, but also needs help with their facial regimen! "

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