American Naturopathic and Holistic Association

What Is The American Naturopathic And Holistic Association?

The American Naturopathic and Holistic Association (ANHA) supports and educates natural health care practitioners. It was originally created by a group of Traditional Naturopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Reiki Masters, Acupressure Practitioners, and natural health care students in the D.C. metropolitan area in 1997. Its goal is and has always been to assist in the acceptance of natural health care practitioners by the public, to educate its members and volunteers, and to aid in the members’ pursuit of professionalism.

In attempt to support the goals of the association members their board of directors and volunteers have accomplished and are currently working on the following:

  • Contacting State commissions and boards on behalf of its members to gain sound legal definitions on their practice.
  • Lobbying efforts to support natural health care practitioners and assist in the prevention of unfair treatment of practitioners.
  • Collaboration with other civic and professional organizations in the support of natural health care.
  • Providing educational information and programs for its members.

The ANHA is an association that aids the practitioner in becoming a professional in his or her own field. It assists its members in being recognized as professionals by their peers and clients. The ANHA is a peer-review organization for professional natural health care practitioners and natural health care training institutions. The board of directors will review applications and clinical experience of the member. Upon evaluation, the board of directors will counsel the member on options available to promote their expertise.


The ANHA offers membership to those in need of communication with peers and who wish to be part of a referral network. Membership also entitles the practitioner to receive the association’s newsletter, which offers information in natural health care. The members also receive the benefits related to the accomplishments of their board of directors and volunteers.

Workshops and Seminars

Upon membership approval, the member will receive a listing of events and classes offered by the association. The types of workshops and seminars offered are: Herbology, Healthy Cooking, Holistic Health, Aromatherapy, Meditation, Magnetics, Medical Terminology, and Guided Imager.

Traditional Naturopathy

ANHA has students and graduates from traditional and non-traditional training institutions needing a hands on component in their education. The association provides these members with hands on clinical experience needed in the promotion of expertise and comfort level of practice.

Educational Information

The association offers information to its members related to educational programs available through conventional facilities and home study programs. A list of institutions is available upon request to members.

Past And Present

Members have come from a variety of walks of life and educational backgrounds. A large majority of our members have changed their occupations and have bravely attempted to go with their heart to assist and heal clients in a natural manner. Our association represents members that have attended the following schools or institutions:

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