Anabel Arellano, CHHC, NA, NT

Anabel is a gifted and informative practitioner with many years of practice. For the past two months I have had the pleasure of seeing her weekly for my post surgery lymphatic drainage. She takes her times and listens to your input on how your body is feeling. Her treatments have been magical for me, resetting my body, reliving pain and decreasing my swelling. Anabel is very involved in the healing of her clients usually a few days before my appointment my body is counting down the hours until my next session with her. One thing I greatly appreciate about Anabel, is she is amazing at advising clients about add on services like ultrasound and at what stage in recovery services like that are most beneficial. This has built a trustworthy relationship, I highly recommend her and the WINM (Washington Institute of Natural Medicine).

Hazel J.

"Carol is such a gifted healer. - Dr. F.H."

Dr. F.H."

"When Carol first prayed for my kidney stone, her hand heated up so much I thought she was going to burn me. I saw her for several healings. When I returned to the doctor to get tested, my kidney stone was gone. - Dr. Charles Warfield"

Dr. Charles Warfield

"Carol is an amazing practitioner with whom I've experienced tremendous success with. I first sought out Carol for life coaching and management of stress and anxiety. Carol helped me through the tough times with compassionate ears, words of wisdom, and her ability to help me see "the bigger picture". I was able to set goals, see my life through a clearer (and more beautiful) lens, and enjoy the present again! I highly recommend Carol and her multitude of offerings."

Caroline B.

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