Victoria Goldsten

Victoria K. Goldsten, H.D., PhD, LPN, BSN, LMT Integrative Homeopath, Natural Health Care Nurse, Licensed Massage Therapist Certified Complementary and Alternative Medicine Nurse Certified and Registered Health Educator

America’s favorite health guru, Dr. Oz, has stated:”…we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine… it’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

Medical doctors have been using energy since the development and use of the EKG, EEG, MRI, X-ray and CT scan machines in the early 20th century to record the electrical activity of various organs and detect possible blockages, injuries or illnesses.

The chakras are our body’s natural energy centers. The 7 major chakras are located up the front of the body – they also have a back side that runs up the spine. These centers are continually turning when the body is functioning properly. However, our stressful lives can take a toll on the centers and cause them to “go out of balance”. The Chakra energy balance is not specifically felt, but it’s weaknesses are reflected in physical illness, joint aches and pains, emotional upset, anger, lasing out behavior, difficult personal communication, and more. People who are sensitive to energy can feel they are out of balance, or that something is not quite right, no matter what they try to do. The Chakras are strongly connected to the nervous system’s electrical energy thereby reacting with it.

Guided Crystal Chakra Balancing Energy work includes aura clearing and can include aura reading. It balances the 7 major chakras, clears energy blockages, and opens up the mental and physical body to healing. The guided imagery component adds an additional method of healing that has the client participate in the process thereby making the session much more powerful. The addition of a crystal strengthens the chakra energy and positive energy movement.


I had been holding in my feeling but then I would lash out at people. I went to anger management classes but I needed more. I found Victoria Goldsten and the experience was amazing. She was spot on with her assessment of my energy and how it connected with my life. I definitely feel I can do so much more in my life now. I am less stressed and more positive. I could feel the change in energy as I was receiving the treatment. I cried during and after the treatment which was a great release for me. I definitely want to return for another session.

I first met Victoria Goldsten while I was a volunteer at Community Hospices where her people came in to help. I had lost my husband, and, the hospice provided a bereavement group with various people who used different healing methods. For the past several years I have been a regular for chakra energy work and homeopathy. I also did three regression sessions with her which was very, hard work, but, worth it. I have to say a great big “thank you” for all that I have learned in this time. I did not realize it at first, but, I was in class at school again.

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