Facial Detox Massage and Acupressure


Facial Detox Massage and Acupressure

Do you have a skin condition or a disorder affecting your face?
Do you have?

Acne Eczema – Wrinkles Bells Palsy – Trigeminal Neuralgia
Poor Skin or Muscle Tone of the Face – Drooping of one Side of the Face
Facial Tics – Psoriasis – Dry Skin


The Treatment:

The practitioner uses a natural therapeutic oil cleanser, a hot towel heat treatment compress, skin tonification, and provides massage/acupressure to the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back with natural creams and oils.

The treatment detoxifies the skin, improves circulation, and stimulates muscle tone. It also accesses the acupuncture points by applying pressure thereby balancing the stomach and gallbladder meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points on the face also assist in eye disorders, sinus conditions, digestive complaints and much more.

One Session: $145.00
Packages Available