Unfortunately being interviewed by students regarding natural health care has been a problem for the Washington Institute. The Institute has historically had difficulties with students being irresponsible with the data they have received. Many times the practitioner has been misquoted or the credentials published incorrect. The Interviews have not been taken seriously.

In addition, information obtained from articles written incorrectly could accidentally harm a person if a product is not used properly. When using herbs, therapeutic oils, and the like, although very beneficial to health responsibly is needed during use. The therapy needs to meet the needs of the person and should be used in a safe manner. The user needs to be aware of possible side effects or drug interaction. An article written on the alternative medicine subject without reviewing contraindication could inadvertently give a person an idea to use a product that may be too strong for them or may harm them.

In addition, alternative medicine practitioners have had numerous difficulties historically with students misquoting the practitioner and inadvertently the wrong credentials have been used. These errors can severely jeopardize the professional. If interviewed by a student, the document needs to be approved prior to completion. It is important that practitioners have the ability to review anything that has been written or filmed because wrong information could get into print or on video that could harm a person or the livelihood of the practitioner.
Also be advised that a practitioner of the Institute cannot give permission for an interview or video. That approval has to come from the Director of the Institute, Dr. Goldsten.

If an interview or film is requested, the student will have to meet with the Director Dr. Goldsten in order to determine what can be done. Dr. Goldsten charges a consultation fee of $95.00 per hour. Upon approval of an article or filmed interview, a contract will have to be created by the student’s school/teacher for the purpose of the interview and filming. This contract will have to state that the Washington Institute must review and approve the document or film prior to completion.

Thank you for your cooperation.