Laura Lopez Rodriguez, LMT

How do you thank someone for substantially eliminating a long-term, harrowingly painful, rupture of the lower spine? When nothing else, over several years ~ including state-of-art epidurals ~ has really helped? Well, one way is naturally by this medium of telling others to reach out to Laura. Terrible pun, but she will then reach out and really/really help you. Write me if you need more: Thanks Laura, you are a true blessing. Peter

Dr. Peter S. Watson

I was looking to lose a couple of inches from my legs arms and thighs not knowing that once I meet and had the pleasure of have a miracle treatment with Laura would change my life. I never expressed to Laura of aches and pains I was experiencing, I was just trying to lose some inches in help with enhancing my weight loss, and pray that it was the cause of my pain, but she felt and worked out all the pains that she felt and others she didn't know about, I had a shoulder injury about 5 years ago it was still paining me. It no longer a hurts. I was going to my doctor about the pain in my leg but I cancel the appointment because it no longer hurts. My husband called me his new WIFEY and even my grandchildren noticed a difference in me. She had me walking and feeling brand new. I would recommend Laura to anyone with aches pains or just need to relax and sleep well because that night I slept like a Angel. THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURA.

Fern Coates

I had surgery and decided to do a massage/treatment with Laura and she did a great job. Her focus on healing and wellness was very beneficial to my progress. Laura made me feel comfortable and I highly recommend her.

Carl H

So I had a detox facial/lymphatic drainage massage from Laura. It was fantastic. For over five years I have struggled with cystic acne and with lymph node swelling under my chin. Laura brought me in and soothed both issues. She used gentle, clean products to detox my skin and heal the current acne spots on my face, as well as dry up some acne scabs that clung to my skin. She then massaged my lymph nodes and they are noticeably less swollen. The overall experience was great, and the best part is that she detailed a simple regimen for me to ensure my skin continues to feel as good as it does now! Would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone who not only wants a fantastic massage, but also needs help with their facial regimen!

Tori Hawkins

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