Lise Stevens, CAHC

For the past two years, Ms. Lise has been helping me craft my unique wellness plan using Ayurveda as the foundation. For years, I had issues with anxiety, under eating, and low energy due to malnutrition. Ms. Lise taught me about my vatta dosha profile and its relationship to my mental health, emotions, and diet. Together we explored connections between mood and food, sleep patterns, and aligning life with the cycles of the seasons. Her teachings have given me new view on life. It’s a journey, but Ms. Lise has helped me transform my health using small steps and basic practices such as oil massages and deep breathing. I am very grateful for her "down to earth" and "hands on" approach to health and wellness counseling.


Our conversation started with me finding out what Ayurvedic Health Therapy is. After seeing how committed Lise was to learning this practice and her desirer to improve the health condition of not only herself but of friends and family I asked for an official consultation. As we talked about my eating, work and relaxing habits she began to recognize the pattern and recommended some small eating and relaxing changes I could make to improve my life and health. After consulting with her and following some of the recommended smaller things like cutting back sugary snacks drinking more water and walking as well as relaxing in a way to benefits my mind, body and spirit I began to feel better about my view on my health. I've felt this growth has helped my personal growth and focus to mover forward with a new house and new car, also giving me a clearer mind to process and deal with all the changes. Thanks Lise your guidance has enriched my health and spirit and I appreciate it so much.

Eric Stevens

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