Liza Borodkin

"Ever since my first treatment with Liza, I've been hooked. The treatments leave me feeling relaxed and centered in a way that I've never felt before. In addition, Liza has a uniquely healing quality about her and she has helped me mobilize my inner resources in a way that has not happened with previous mind and/or body treatments. My physical health has improved significantly since I began working with Liza and a number of key relationships in my life have been transformed as well. Thank you, Liza."

S. C.

"With Liza's help we have greatly changed my disordered emotions and relational outlook into a healthy naturally ordered emotional state. She is very trustworthy and innately kind and I experience safety and comfort during every session. My work with Liza has created in me a better sense of self and well being. I have to say that Liza is so gifted with what she does that the sessions are truly all about ME and my healing process! "


"I came to Liza after a number of negative life altering situations that caused persistent physical and relational problems in my life. Liza has been able to help me to heal physically and mentally and I am truly grateful to her for that. I think it's important to say that Liza is a healer that is relationally appropriate, possessing really good boundaries. She's also a very kind person and I can tell this is truly her life's calling. The work that Liza does to restore ease in my body and life is truly remarkable. I'm very grateful, thank you Liza!"


"If you are interested in doing some deep healing, look no further. Liza creates a safe space that is warm and comfortable. She has a very special gift."

H. M.

"Carol is such a gifted healer. - Dr. F.H."

Dr. F.H."

"When Carol first prayed for my kidney stone, her hand heated up so much I thought she was going to burn me. I saw her for several healings. When I returned to the doctor to get tested, my kidney stone was gone. - Dr. Charles Warfield"

Dr. Charles Warfield

"Carol is an amazing practitioner with whom I've experienced tremendous success with. I first sought out Carol for life coaching and management of stress and anxiety. Carol helped me through the tough times with compassionate ears, words of wisdom, and her ability to help me see "the bigger picture". I was able to set goals, see my life through a clearer (and more beautiful) lens, and enjoy the present again! I highly recommend Carol and her multitude of offerings."

Caroline B.

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