Robert White, DIM, LMT

I have been looking for a service like this for years! My back had been bothering me for quite some time. I looked up orthopedic massage and saw that Dr. Robert White offered such service. When I say this gentleman has "gifted hands" it is a huge understatement. I immediately felt relief in my lower back. And when I got up off of the massage table I began to cry. My back has not felt this good since my college days. This is a like no other massage I had ever experienced. He has a clinical setting in an office suite in a Cleveland Park condominium building. He also provides natural weight reduction program that has also played a major part in my health care. I have already lost 15 lbs, and must give my clothes away to my family members and I can't stop looking in the mirror at myself. THANK YOU Dr.White. My life has been transformed for ever.

Melanie P.

My first massage from Dr. White was amazing. I had been living with pain in my shoulder for a month and battling issues with my hips. After one session, I can feel a difference. My shoulder feels better, and thanks to Dr. White's knowledge of anatomy, I have a better sense of my hip issue. Dr. White is knowledgable and personable; if my friends are looking for a massage therapist, I will definitely recommend Dr. White.

E. Fleming

I've been getting massages on a regular basis for over 10 years and have see upwards of 50 masseuses and massage therapists. Dr. Robert is far and away the best I've encountered. His techniques are slightly unconventional compared to the standard massage you'd receive in a spa, but they are immensely effective and also extremely relaxing. Whether you're looking for a one-off massage or routine appointments, Dr. Robert is the best you can get! I don't live in the DC area but Dr. Robert is so good that I will certainly be booking appointments to see him in advance of any trips to the region.


On Wednesday, February 4th I have a Body Work Session with Dr. Robert White. I came in with a terrible pain in my neck. Immediately after my arrival, Dr. Robert evaluated me and proceeded to make it better. What a difference after my therapy! I have been able to go back to my regular routine after my treatment. Thank you Dr. Robert! Helena F

Helena F

Dear Dr. White, I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how wonderful I have been. I wanted the opportunity to come back and see you again, but you healed me so well that I really don't have any need for your gift any more! 🙂 When I saw you I was in a lot of pain, of which you helped and aided so much in my healing. It was an experience like no other, it wasn't easy and in fact the letting go of tension and bad habits in my muscles was at times quiet painful, but you so skillfully walked me through that tight rope and my body hasn't been the same ever since. It's been almost two months since I've seen you and, I have had great mobility, been working out, have lost 10 pounds and have renewed energy. As well, I was looking to work in Maternal Health in Zambia and I also got that position I was hoping for! I know that your magic helped me get there as well. I hope you had a blessed holiday season and know you've made a tremendous difference in my life, and are a real healer. 🙂


I had a very pleasant experience recently at your Institute. My massage was very relaxing and my therapist was very thorough. I enjoyed it and plan to return when my schedule allows.


We came for the couple's massage and thoroughly enjoyed our experiences. Dr. White and Ms. Tigabe were warm, funny, and professional practitioners with superior understanding of trigger points and the human body. We felt cared for and positively radiant for the rest of the day. We would highly recommend this experience.

Carolyn and Zack

I' m a avid workout nut. 49yrs old and for the last 8 yrs have been a chronic pain sufferer. Due to a series of weight lifting and jujuitsu sparring accidents. Dispite the efforts of 10+ practioners comprising (physical therapist, chiropractors, orthropedic specialist) no decerniable relief was at hand. Until the effort of Robert white and a very special physical trainer I was doomed to be morphed into a sunken mass of pain. With Robert's complete understanding of trigger point therapy, coupled with his innate ability to listen. The constant tension which resulted in muscle fatique has all but gone. Where there was numbness, subble mass has started to form. Allowing me to once again function without the effects of pain aversion.

LeGrant McElveen

I recently purchased a groupon for a couples massage workshop. It was a great deal. I must say I had judgements going into such a setting, not knowing what to expect. When My fiance and I arrived at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, we were greeted with warm smiles and a sense of compassion from the staff. There were also two other couples in the workshop. Robert White, LMT was a fabulous instructor. We had our private room, and he also catered the practical portion of the workshop to our specific physcical concerns. (He even showed me an alternative move to do while I was on the bed) that made it easy on my back. He provided a safe and comfortable space for us to exercise our creativity which elevated the joy of our experience. After the practical portion was completed Robert spent several minutes gathering feedback from us. He is professional who is open to doing whatever it requires for the client to create the most favorable experience possible. My fiance and I both recommend Robert White, LMT for Teaching massage and pain reduction. We like him so much we each purchased a three pack of orthopedic massage, and you should too!

Karla M.

I started to play tennis again. I was experiencing reoccurring pain in my hip and shoulder. I found Robert White on the WINM website. Robert performed a postural analysis on me and I saw the image of my body alignment. After 3 treatments I was amazed at the results. Robert is a professional at his craft and I would recommend his services to anyone!

Divinity, L. H

I had called the Washington Institute for massage information and I spoke to the director Dr. Victoria Goldsten. I told her that my husband was having lower back pain and that I was having problems in my neck. She informed me that Robert was available for posture analysis, functional assessment, myoskeletal alignment, and a couples massage class. I was quite happy that he offred so many things. I decided to give it a try. The assessment, bodywork, and the class was fantastic. Robert is very knowledgeble. It was a great experience.

Couples Massage Student

I recently injured my neck in an automobile crash. After the physical therapy treatments were completed, I was still experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders. I searched on the internet and found Robert White, LMT a licensed massage therapist who specializes in orthopedic and myoskeletal alignment. After 2 visits with Robert my prayers were answered. I am now pain free. I also referred other friends and family to Robert and they are totally satisfied with his noteworthy professionalism, creative skill set, and compassionate touch. I highly recommend Robert White for any and all pains and strains you have. He is the best!!!

Fantastic Myoskeletal Alignment

I have been into sports all of my life, and have experienced my share of injuries as well as surgeries. Now that I am well into my adulthood, I attempt to stay active by participating in weekend sports. Now I experience chronic muscle soreness in my lower back and hip areas. I was seeking a massage therapist who is knowledgeable of the human anatomy and muscle functions. I surfed the net and found Robert White at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. He not only worked the soreness away on the first visit; he also performed a postural analysis on me that illustrated where the possible source of my soreness and pain was originating. Robert advised me on the proper footwear to use, and offered me a stretching regiment. I now feel more agile and flexible without soreness or pain. I highly recommend Robert White for orthopedic massage. He provides an exceptional and professional service.

Terri C

I dropped by at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine and I met Dr. Victoria Goldsten. I told her about a pain I was having from my hip down my leg. I had seen my MD and a chiropractor but I still needed help. Dr. Goldsten did a natural health care exam and recommended natural medicines for my nerves and she also recommended that I see Robert White for Orthopedic Massage. I decided to follow her recommendation and I am glad I did. Just after one treatment my pain was gone. When I do too much and my pain comes back I have a visit with Robert. He is great!!

Treatment of Leg Pain

Well folks, I would like to start by thanking the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine for providing such a great service in Natural Health, and to you Robert White. I recently twisted/extended my ankle in a sport activity while on vacation...Bummer! However, to my return to the District I decided to call the Institute to have my foot checked out and treated. I chose Robert White to evaluate it along with advice on how to treat the injury. Prior to seeing Robert I was limping and my ankle was rotated outward. After one treatment my ankle was alligned and I was walking straght. Robert is highly effective with his hands and knowledge of the body and muscle tissue. In closing I would recommend him to anyone who has muscle aches, pains, and/or just needing a massage from stress. Robert White is the Best Massage Therapist you need to see.

Andrew B.

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