Shadowing Victoria Goldsten


Due to the large amount requests for shadowing of Victoria Goldsten, this information document has been created to clarify the shadowing requirements.

When clients meet personally with Victoria Goldsten for an exam or treatment they have specifically set an appointment in order to have her personalized attention. The only individuals permitted during these appointments are the assisting staff members. In these circumstances shadowing by any other individuals is not allowed.

When Victoria Goldsten is training students, interns, or doctor’s assistants, she offers her exams or treatments at a reduced rate. In these circumstances clients are willing to have shared attention and shadowing is permitted.

In order to shadow Victoria Goldsten the participant must be an approved staff member, doctor’s assistant, holistic practitioner, or student of the Washington Institute. No outside party is permitted in the shadowing process.

The participants must also be personally approved by Victoria Goldsten. Space is very limited for these positions and clinical contact hours cannot be guaranteed due to Victoria Goldsten’s workload. She has to tend to her personal clients and the running of the Institute. Those that apply for the shadowing positions must meet Victoria Goldsten’s criteria. New participants must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • A registered student with the Washington Institute in the required program of study and level that matches the methods offered in the shadowing process.
  • An existing or newly applied practitioner of the Institute that meets Victoria Goldsten’s requirements.
  • An approved intern of the Institute.
  • An approved doctor’s assistant of the Institute.

Additional ways to gain knowledge in holistic health is to volunteer to be a client for the students during their clinical rotation. This is available during which a time the teachers are providing clinical rotation to their students. In these circumstances volunteers are needed for holistic exam, acupressure, reiki, reflexology, body wraps, nutritional consults and other similar methods. In order to do this please email the teachers: Jen Martinez at or Linda Khanzetian at

The final decision and approval of a shadowing individual is at the sole discretion of Victoria Goldsten.