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Steven Galloway, CNP

Steven Galloway, CNP

Certified Nutritional Practitioner
Meridian Autonomic Testing Specialist
Iridology Specialist


Iridology is the study of looking into the iris, the colored part of the eye for specific patterns, pigmentations, and markings that will then indicate many different things in correlation to our health. The eyes are able to tell us so much about our health because it is one of the first things to form off the brain in the developing womb. The organs, spine, and nervous tissues all get interconnected back through the eyes and brain therefore giving us a tissue reading of all these different areas of our body. The process is very non-invasive and simply requires taking a picture of the eye.

Some of the things we can see in the eyes include:

  • strengths or weaknesses in specific organs or areas of the body
  • inherited weaknesses
  • inflammatory areas
  • levels of toxicity
  • colon and digestive imbalances
  • circulation issues and more

Through an Iridology reading, we can get a good understanding of where your body is at in term of its strengths and weaknesses, imbalances, and any areas of toxicity or inflammation. From here we can use what the eyes are telling us to make recommendations for improvement based on proper supplementation, good eating habits, and lifestyle changes according to each individual need. Iridology is good for everyone because having a better understanding of your body is key to making the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

Iridology Assessment includes high resolution iris pictures, with computer analysis through a special Iridology program.

Nutrition advice will be given in conjunction with treatment pertinent to what is seen in iris reading.

1 hour Iridology Assessment – $125



Holistic Nutrition Consultation:

Holistic nutrition is a comprehensive and complete approach to your health and wellness. This includes not just food and the diet, but all aspects and areas of life which have an impact on our well being. Taking a holistic approach to health also means looking at everybody as an individual. All of us have different and unique biochemistry, therefore our approach to maintaining and healing our body should take this into account. There is no one size fits all, and in using the holistic method of healing, your individual plan and healing path will be unique and catered just for you!

Meridian Autonomic Testing (MAT) muscle testing is included with consultation.

30 min Holistic Nutrition Consultation – $60 (In Cleveland Park, or by phone consultation only)
1 hour Holistic Nutrition Consultation – $100


Meridian Autonomic Testing (MAT) Muscle Testing:

MAT is a form of muscle testing developed by chiropractors, based off of acupuncture and kinesiology principles. It is an energetic reading using your body’s meridian points, and will give us an indication of the energetic strength or weakness of that specific point in the body. All that is required is for the practitioner to lightly apply pressure on the testee’s arm. MAT is a good way to tell if a specific organ or area of our body is energetically weakened. Once a weakened area is located, we can then use MAT to see if certain remedies would be helpful in healing that weakness. The beauty of this testing is that your body will tell us what it wants. So we can pinpoint specifically what remedy your body wants to heal it, and then we can also use MAT to get the specific dosage per day. It is an excellent way to find out exactly what your body needs to heal and get back to balance, and how much of it.

Full MAT session includes testing of 30 different points on the body, including testing of remedies for any weak areas that showed up.

30 minute MAT session – $40 (In Cleveland Park Only)


Steven Galloway, CNP, is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing in holistic nutrition and the art of Iridology. Steven studied nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, graduating with honors. Upon completion, he then went on to study under a private practitioner in which he learned Iridology, the study of the iris, the colored part of the eye. Through looking at the iris, a reflection of the body’s entire health can be seen. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but through Iridology we can acknowledge them as windows to our body as well. Steven uses this information from the eyes as a map to guide us on the healing journey, seeing things such as where the weaker and stronger tissues and organs are, toxicity and elimination issues, inflammatory areas, and much more. This information can be used in conjunction with any form of healthcare to aid in the healing process. In addition, Steven is certified in Meridian Autonomic Testing (M.A.T.), a form of muscle testing based off kinesiology. With the MAT muscle testing, different areas and organs of the body are tested to give an energetic reading of that specific tissue. From using both MAT and Iridology, a clear picture of both the physical and the energetic health can be assessed. Steven is passionate about sharing his knowledge of nutrition and healing to help and heal as many people as possible


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