Do You Have Pain, Swelling, Inflammation, Lymph Edema, Post Surgical Swelling, Arthritis, Or Plantar Fasciitis?

Have You Had Knee Surgery, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift, Or Another Surgical Procedure?

Then Consider A Specialized Treatment To Reduce Inflammation, Promote Healing, Increase Circulation, And Prevent Adhesions And Scar Tissue!

Therapeutic Ultrasound Flyer


Ultrasound therapy uses sound vibrations that occur at a frequency that is too high for people to hear. The vibrations are provided by a applicator connected to a generator. The applicator converts electrical energy from the generator into ultrasound vibrations.

When ultrasound is used for pain and inflammation the applicator causes the tissue to vibrate. The vibrations are used to provide a micro-massage to tissues. This micro-massage results in the relief of pain, the reduction of inflammation, clearing up of bruises, and faster healing. All of this occurs because the massage action of the ultrasound stimulates the tissue and increases the blood flow. This allows the body to supply nutrients and carry away wastes from the area being treated.

Ultrasound uses different frequencies. The frequency refers to the number of vibrations per second. The most common frequencies used for therapeutic ultrasound is from one to three million vibrations per second. As an example 1 megahertz (1 MHz) is one million vibrations. These frequencies have been chosen for pain and inflammation treatment because of the depth of penetration. These depths at which the tissue vibrates with the transducer is appropriate for use on the average human body. Depth of penetration is different depending on what the underlying tissue is. On the average, 1 MHz ultrasound penetrates up to about 1.5 inches in muscle; and to about 6.0 inches in fat. 3 MHz is also used. 3 MHz penetrates only about 1/3 as far as 1 MHz. This makes it effective for use on very shallow tissue areas such as hands and abdominal areas where liposuction has been performed. Although it is more shallow the vibration is faster. This is very effective for soft tissue inflammation.

During a treatment a practitioner will apply a special lubricating jelly to the skin. This prevents friction so they can rub the ultrasound transducer on the skin. The transducer has a similar appearance to a microphone. The jelly also helps transmit the sound waves. The transducer sends the sound waves through the jelly and into the tissues.

Therapeutic ultrasound typically is best when used in conjunction with manual bodywork therapies. The ultrasound vibrates the fluid, loosens it up, and thereby allows the manual therapy to more easily move the fluid to exit the tissues. In our practice we have found that adding manual therapy to the ultrasound treatment intensifies the effect of the ultrasound.