Transformational Bodywork and Hypnotherapy


Robert White

Robert L. White, LMT

A Universal Process Facilitating Inner Peace

Discover inner peace and personal transformation through spiritually-sensitive bodywork. Powerful massage techniques can be part of a development process can support the client in creating a space to experience transcendent qualities deemed as love, truth, peace, freedom, and joy that includes your mind, emotions, and spirit-as well as your body illuminating their path for a greater good.

What Is The Highest Purpose In Your Life?

This service also includes 3-5 Life coaching sessions. Seeing yourself differently in the world can have an outstanding impact on what can be created through your vision, and contribution to others.

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Transformation Bodywork
Initial visit: $125.00 (2 hours)
Single Session: $75.00
3 sessions $ 205.00
5 sessions $ 335.00


During hypnotherapy the client experiences a relaxed state which is similar to meditation. In this state the human mind flows more freely.

$65 / 1 Hour (a $150 value)
$180 / 3 Treatment Package