Chery Mallory, Rachael Murray, Ebonee Brown, Kristie Ngatchou Yapnounkie, Sali Rahamatu Mallam, Juliette Yeye

The Washington Institute offers the true and original form of colon hydrotherapy that dates back to the Egyptian time period. The Institute’s practitioners use a gentle but effective open, gravity method rather than the machine operated pressurized systems.
Our staff feels it is a safer and more comfortable system. It does not expose the client to incompatible electrical fields or water pressure that may be too forceful for some clients. The practitioner controls the maximum amount of water that is introduced into the colon thereby preventing electrolyte or pH imbalances that can occur with other methods, that do not regulate water quantity.

The Washington Institute’s system uses filtered water that is temperature regulated, by the practitioner, to best suit the client’s colon cleansing needs. The Institute has successfully treated clients with constipation, parasites, and sluggish digestion. The Institute’s colon hydrotherapists are happy to report that they have received referrals from Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Practitioners, and Medical Doctors. Even Gastroenterologists have referred clients in preparation for colonoscopies.

As a part of the procedure the practitioner uses disposable pad, drapes, gowns, and rectal tubes. Upon completion of the treatment all are disposed of and are not reused. In addition the table is disinfected with the appropriate cleaning solutions.

The Washington Institute is not set up as a fancy, spa like, facility therefore does not charge the higher fees seen in spa type facilities. The Institute is a down to earth facility, accessible to the average community member.

It is a pleasure to serve you cleansing needs.