The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine (WINM) is accredited through the:

American Association Of Drugless Practitioners
American Alternative Medical Association

Applying for accreditation is a completely voluntary process. Schools are not required to apply, but may wish to do so in order to obtain further recognition, or to receive federal funding, or student financial aide.

Teaching facilities that are permitted to teach are authorized, chartered, licensed, or exempt in the local jurisdiction of which they reside. Authority can be recognized in several ways:

  1. Licensed as a teaching institution.
  2. Letter of Approval of a teaching institution granted by a licensing board of a jurisdiction. Letters of approval are given to exempt status institutions.
  3. Exempt status organizations such as religious, membership, continuing education facilities, or those facilities working in conjunction with a college can be considered exempt. This exemption varies in each jurisdiction.
  4. Professional Licensing Board approvals or recognitions allow a school to teach. Licensing boards also recognize professional organizations as teaching institutions.
  5. Private companies teaching their own staff members.

Accreditation can be obtained through private organizations or through federally conferred organizations.

Private accrediting bodies review criteria based upon the content of the courses and determine if the content meets the standards for a particular profession. It is a peer review form or evaluation.

Federally conferred organizations accredit based upon a list of criteria recognized by the United States Department of Education.


WINM is privately accredited.

For teaching institution approvals obtained by WINM please review our loan document or the course descriptions/catalog.